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Our National Parks – new and existing – are in imminent great danger.

Contact your senators!

The new Congress has lost no time trying to block creation of new parks.  In the first week of the new session, multiple bills have been filed to gut the Antiquities Act, the 111-year-old law under which nearly half of our national parks got their start as national monuments (including Grand Canyon, Acadia, Zion, Olympic).  Other bills would repeal designations made by Pres. Obama and/or protections for existing parks and monuments.

A significant bill to eviscerate the Antiquities Act is S.33, introduced January 5 with 26 Republican senators co-sponsoring.  No longer can we count on a presidential veto.  We must get a majority of senators to oppose it.  Your voice will be very important.  Please contact both of your senators, by phone or e-mail, to strongly urge their opposition (contact information below).

The message

Oppose S.33 and any other bills that block creation of national monuments, which are often the first step toward new national parks.  Also oppose any attempts to undo prior designations of national monument or to diminish protections.

Talking points.

  • The Antiquities Act has been one of the most significant tools for preserving the nation’s diverse natural, historic, and cultural treasures — our shared American heritage.
  • This opportunity for quick protection is particularly important where these treasures are threatened by destruction or degradation (America is losing more than one million acres a year to development).
  • Several polls show that the American people (including 80% of western voters, 66% of Utah residents) are overwhelmingly opposed to efforts to block new parks and repeal protections for the places they love.
  • The Antiquities Act, signed by Pres, Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, has been used by 14 of the 16 presidents of both parties that have followed him, creating 152 national monuments. No president has attempted to undo a national monument designation and thus dismantle our conservation legacy.

Contact information

Sen. Lamar Alexander                                                                  Sen. Bob Corker

202-224-4944                                                                                                202-224-3344

http://alexander.senate.gov/public/                                   http://corker.senate.gov/public/


To contact any other Senator: 202-224-3121 (switchboard).  Or http://lastname.senate.gov/

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