July 27, 2019 all-day
Lamar Alexander Rocky Fork State Park
501 Rocky Fork Rd, Flag Pond, TN 37657

Join Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning, Smoky Mountains Hiking Club, Tennessee Chapter Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, Cherokee Forest Voices and local resident, John Beaudet, for a hike into the heart of one of Tennessee’s newest state parks. Lamar Alexander Rocky Fork SP is situated on the TN – NC state line and surrounded by Cherokee National Forest The park was created with the help of a donation by the Conservation Fund, US Forest Service and most importantly the LWCF in 2006.

We plan to hike the Flint Creek trail along Flint Creek several miles into the interior. The trail passes the site of a 1789 battle between Gov John Sevier and the Cherokee. We will return along Flint Creek back to another trail up to the top of Whitehouse cliffs and have a wonderful view of the wilderness-like park. Those not wanting to make the steep climb can hike along the White Oak Flats trail and look for signs of possible impending road construction.

TDOT and TDEC recently started a project to add access roads and significantly develop the park. There has been concern from TCWP and other sponsoring groups that the wilderness nature of the surroundings would be significantly impacted by the development of roads so work on the project is thought to have been slowed for further review.

Local resident, John Beaudet, will join us on the hike and share his knowledge of the park and of the state’s plan for development of the park.

Hike a total of 6-8 miles or less depending on side trail options. Most of the trails, with the exception of the Whitehouse Cliffs trail, are relatively level and follow scenic creeks through valleys. Some side stream crossings are required and depending on rains could be more significant. Water shoes and hiking poles could be helpful.

Meet at Comcast parking lot by 8:00 am on Asheville Hwy Exit 394 off I-40. Drive 2hrs 15 minutes to the trailhead. Drive 200 miles round-trip. Contact Tim Bigelow, bigelowt2@mindspring.com, for more information.