August 28, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Jefferson Middle School
200 Fairbanks Rd
Oak Ridge
TN 37830
Tim Bigelow
Summer Cedar Barren Cleanup/Weed Wrangle® @ Jefferson Middle School

This will be the second of our three annual workdays at the Oak Ridge Cedar Barren. Located next to Jefferson Middle School in Oak Ridge, the barren is a joint project of the City of Oak Ridge, the State Natural Areas Division, and TCWP. One of just a few cedar barrens in East Tennessee, the area is subject to invasion by Chinese lespedeza, Japanese privet, autumn olive, mimosa, Nepal grass, multiflora rose, and woody plants that threaten the system’s prairie grasses. Our spring, summer, and fall cleanups help to eliminate invasives and other shade-producing plants that prevent the prairie grasses from getting needed sun. The late-summer workday is optimum for viewing prairie wildflowers that flourish at the barren.

Volunteers should meet in the Jefferson Middle School parking lot at 9 a.m.; wear sturdy shoes, and bring loppers, gloves, and water. For additional information, contact Tim Bigelow at Bigelowt2@mindspring.com or at 865-607-6781.