TCWP Scrapbook 2003 Page

Freels Bend Hike (February 23, 2003)

Photos courtesy of John Kubarewicz |Click on pictures to see enlargement

Royal Blue Hike (September 27, 2003)

Hickory horned caterpillar. Size about 5″. Photo courtesy of Hal Smith
TCWP Royal Blue hikes
Members of Tennessee Native Plant Society and TCWP get ready to embark on the hike
Photo courtesy of Jimmy Groton
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TCWP Annual Meeting 10/11/03 in Rugby Library.

Left to right, front to back
Tim Bigelow, Mary Lynn Dobson
Charlie Klabunde, Ed Sonder, Don Todd, Lee Russell, Becky Fyke, Ed Cole (TDOT), Charlie Burger
John Kubarewicz, Marion Burger, Janet Lowrie, Jean Bangham, Phil Campbell (NPS-Obed)
Gil Melgaard, Sandra Goss, Alice Xiques, Larry Pounds, Sal Smith, Hal Smith, Rosalie Russo, Dan Russo, Carol Grametbauer, Gary Grametbauer, Jimmy Groton, Bill Chandler (1st TCWP Exec Dir), Jim Fyke (TDEC)
Photo courtesy of Charlie Klabunde


Annual meeting attendees.

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation,
Deputy Commisioner Jim Fyke addresses TCWP membership.

Ed Cole, TDOT Chief of Environment and Planning, briefs attendees on upcoming
Dept of Transportation issues.
Photos courtesy of Jimmy Groton | Click on pictures to see enlargement

In the afternoon, hike to the Gentlemen’s Swimming Hole and the Meeting of the Waters.

Photo courtesy of Hal Smith | Click on picture to see enlargement

TCWP Clean up of Cedar Barrens, November 15, 2003.

Photos courtesy of Tim Bigelow | Click on pictures to see enlargement

TCWP Xmas Party at Jenny & Bill, December 4, 2003.

Photos courtesy of Francis Perey | Click on pictures to see enlargement

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