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In a leaked 19-page memo that was made public right after NL 335 had gone to the printer, Interior Secretary Zinke proposes deleterious changes to at least 10 of our precious national monuments, seven on land and three marine.  At least four of our land monuments would see their borders significantly shrunk, and all seven would become open to extractive developments.  While no specific figures are cited, it is clear that Secretary Zinke wants Trump to eliminate more than 90% (!) of Bears Ears (whittling it down to 120,000 acres, which couldn’t possibly encompass the >100,000 cultural artifacts that exist in the area), and perhaps more than half of Grand Staircase-Escalante (which, he says, contains “an estimated several billion tons of coal and large oil deposits”).  In the marine monuments, commercial fishing and other exploitation would be permitted, damaging fragile and endangered ecosystems.

If Pres. Trump accepts Zinke’s recommendations, he would be ignoring not only the law, but also the overwhelming will of the people.  Well over 2.7 million public comments (~99% in favor of keeping our monuments intact) were submitted to the Interior Department, which is more than the Department has received for any proposed action in its 168-year history.

These very special lands belong to the American people – not to the oil and timber companies and the commercial interests!  They belonged to the people even before they became monuments; and their protection through monument status is overwhelmingly supported by the people.

What you can do

(1) Tell Pres. Trump not to accept Sec. Zinke’s recommendations, which are not fact-based, and which ignore the overwhelming will of the American people (www.whitehouse.gov/contact, or, 202-456-1111)

(2) Legally, national monuments can be modified only through an Act of Congress.  Tell your members of Congress to stand up for our public lands (see Political Guide for addresses)

(3) Support all efforts that defend national monuments.










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Political Guide

Not sure which government representative you should contact? Consult this Political Guide