A familiar scene for those who enjoy the greenbelts of Oak Ridge. The North Ridge Trail was conceived of and developed by TCWP.
Hikers, paddlers, nature enthusiasts, scientists, and concerned citizens are among TCWP members
Achieving and perpetuating protection of natural lands and waters by means of public ownership, legislation, or cooperation of the private sector
Public participation and education through trail maintenance, naturalist-led hikes, and natural science programs are a continuing effort within TCWP
The Obed Wild and Scenic River is one of TCWP’s greatest protection achievements. The view from Lilly Bluff Overlook remains unspoiled

TCWP seeks to protect and provide habitats for flora and fauna in an increasingly developed world

Our natural lands and waters are threatened by degradation or development. See how TCWP identifies, researches, and fights these threats.

TCWP maintains trails and controls exotic invasive species to protect areas and provide opportunities for outdoor exercise and fellowship.

TCWP organizes free outings and special events for all to enjoy. Experience Tennessee’s wild lands and waters firsthand.

MISSION: TCWP is dedicated to protecting natural lands and waters by means of public ownership, legislation, or cooperation of the private sector. Our efforts focus on the Cumberland and Appalachian regions of East Tennessee, but may extend to the rest of the state and the nation.
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