Our “dues” year is the calendar year, Jan 1 to Dec 31. Contributions to TCWP are IRS tax-deductible. Your address label will be coded M_ _ with numbers 1-7 inserted showing dues class paid for last year & this year. Numbers correspond to those in form below. (Other contributions may just be coded c.) To join after August 1, you may pay half the listed annual rates. (Failure to renew is coded X.) Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning, Inc

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♦  DUES ♦

  1. Name your own Intermediate Rate (>$15) $
  2. Student, Correspond, Senior (low budget) $15.00
  3. REGULAR (individual)………………………. $25.00
  4. Family (husband, wife)……………………….. $35.00
  5. Sustaining member    $100.00*
  6. Supporting member   $200.00*
  7. Lifetime member             $500.00*

I Prefer delivery of Newsletters as PDF attached to an e-mail instead of paper copy via USPS.

Please see the Donate/Dues section below for information on paying dues. (you will need it in the Donate page.)



Pay your membership dues or donate securely to TCWP or with your Credit Card or PayPal account by clicking on the DONATE button below.
Check, credit card or PayPal Checks should be made out to TCWP and sent to Tim Bigelow, Treasurer, 10626 Forest Crest Rd., Knoxville, TN 37922:


(Your monthly Credit Card Statement will mention PayPal, not TCWP.)



Periodically TCWP alerts its members by email of events they may be very interested in being aware of. If you are not yet on this TCWP email alert list and would like to subscribe to it to receive future notifications, fill in the form below and submit it. Sandra will add you to the TCWP email alert list.


TCWP participates in the Kroger Community Rewards Program. TCWP supporters are encouraged to register online at

TCWP’s Community Rewards number is 26906.

Once this process is completed, every time your Kroger Plus card is used at check-out, TCWP will receive a credit. Kroger will send TCWP a check each quarter that reflects a percentage of all purchases made by TCWP shoppers.

For help navigating the registration process, please call Sandra at 865-583-3967. Thanks to everyone for supporting TCWP when you shop at Kroger.