TCWP is urging our members to express your concerns about the proposed Oak Ridge Airport by writing to those with decision-making authority. We have provided the email addresses below for your convenience.

The study justifying the airport is more than 10 years old.  The proposal has been researched by others and found to be lacking in merit and necessity.  When you write your letter, you can include some points made in the excellent letter written by the Advocates of the Oak Ridge Reservation.  You can find it here: SKM_C25823080116170 (

Here are the email addresses of the 6 separate government entities to address concerns and objections to:

Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Aeronautics Division,,

Roane County Board of Commissioners – Airport Study Committee,,, & Roane County Executive, Mr Wade Creswell:

Federal Aviation Administration, Memphis, Southern Region,,

Oak Ridge City Council and City Manager,,,,,,,

Roane County State Representative & State Senator,

Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Office,,,,,,