TCWP (Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning) is dedicated to achieving and perpetuating protection of natural lands and waters by means of public ownership, legislation, or cooperation of the private sector. While our first focus is on the Cumberland and Appalachian regions of East Tennessee, our efforts may extend to the rest of the state and the nation. TCWP's strength lies in researching information pertinent to an issue, informing and educating our membership and the public, interacting with groups having similar objectives, and working through the legislative, administrative, and judicial branches of government on the federal, state, and local levels.

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TCWP sponsors outdoor activities and informational programs.

Secret City Bats: Creatures of the Night, Friend or Foe? Thursday, Sept. 4

    Although they sometimes suffer from a poor public image, bats are extremely beneficial animals: they are major predators of night-flying insects. On September 4, TCWP will host bat specialist Gerry Middleton, a biologist with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, who will present a slide show featuring his study of bats. Following his talk and a question/answer period, we’ll adjourn to the marina on Melton Hill Lake for a field demonstration: Gerry will use his “bat detectors” (which detect echolocation calls) to help us spot the nocturnal creatures as they forage for insects at dusk. He’ll also bring a spotlight and a thermal imaging camera to help us see bats after dark.

     The program will begin at 7 p.m. in Room 102 of the First Presbyterian Church in Oak Ridge, on the corner of Lafayette Drive and the Oak Ridge Turnpike. (NOTE: We’ll begin PROMPTLY at 7, to allow plenty of time for the program and questions/answers while still giving us time get to the lake before full dark.) In the event of rain, the talk will be held as planned and Gerry will do an indoor demonstration with the bat detector.

Support TCWP through your Kroger purchases

    TCWP is now enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards Program. TCWP supporters are encouraged to register online at Registration requires one to sign on to Kroger’s web site and establish a password through the Sign Up Today New Customer box.

     With your password, click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information and input your Kroger Plus card number. Then enter TCWP’s number, which is 26906.

     Once this process is completed, every time your Kroger Plus card is used on check-out, TCWP will receive a credit. Kroger will send TCWP a check each quarter that reflects a percentage of all purchases made by TCWP shoppers.

     For help navigating the registration process, please call Sandra at 865. 583-3967. Thanks to everyone for supporting TCWP when you shop at Kroger.

Lee Russell’s 90th Birthday Celebration was a jubilant gathering of Lee’s ORNL colleagues, TCWP friends, and others.
See pictures by Ray Smith

A proposed win-win alternative to the proposed 69 kV above ground power line near Oak Ridge greenway

     Industrial development continues to threaten conservation and recreation in west Oak Ridge, at the boundary between the Department of Energy's Black Oak Ridge Conservation Easement (BORCE) and the Horizon Center industrial park on Parcel ED-1. The industrial park was built without enough electrical capacity to accommodate the businesses that Oak Ridge would like to recruit. The solution devised by the city's electric department and economic development leaders is to build an overhead powerline along the narrow DOE road that forms the boundary of the BORCE and Parcel ED-1 – a well-shaded road that has become a popular public greenway trail in the last few years, since the BORCE was established. A powerline would result in the permanent clearing of the right-of-way, plus the removal of trees outside the right-of-way that could fall on the powerline . . . READ MORE


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